Which side are you on?

It’s easy to be amongst the audience, the general masses, the majority. The side that seems to be safe. But it rarely leads to any growth, progress or learning. The side where there’s growth, tension and eustress is facing the audience, the meaningful specific, the minority. It opens you to new possibilities, different perspectives and experiences. When given a choice between the two. Pick the latter and make it

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Your education is your responsibility.

The college will lend you the resources, the banks will fund your tuition, family and parents will support you through it, friends will make the journey bearable and the society will nurture (and tolerate) you. But at the end of it all. It’s not marks, ranks and certs that matter. It’s the education you gained and it’s possible impact as you add value through your work. Much is expected

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This matters! A rant on finishing.

Puneeth’s blog: This matters! A rant on finishing.
Starting is the essence of getting a project up and running. But many of us are already amazing at starting something.

So, what instead do we become?
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Tragedy is a filter.

Puneeth’s blog: Tragedy is a filter.

There are many synonyms to tragedy. Based on your industry, it could be a market correction, bursting of a bubble, server crash, heavy rain pour, etc.

It tests bonds that have been long formed and either reinforces them or breaks them (for good).

It brings together strangers. Gets them to rally towards a higher goal.

It’s tragic, yet beautiful.

Nervousness = Excitement

Nervousness is a good sign! It turns out being nervous and being excited have a similar chemical reaction in our brains! How unusual! One propels you forward, one stops you in your tracks! Yet, essentially they are same. Your perspectives matter. Shift the way you look at nervousness. It’s good. Befriend it if you will.

Show-up prepared.

It’s hard to follow, easy to profess. However, the benefits of following it far outweigh the consequences. It builds trust, makes you reliable, you can get straight to the agendas. However, You are never fully prepared. That’s OK. Prepare as if.


Puneeth’s blog: Silence.

It’s powerful.

Too often we cut it out, abruptly fill it, entertain short-distractions, small talks or even a quick nap.

Silence creates tension. It builds curiosity in audiences, unlocks humour, reduces the sting from a point (pun intended).

Use silence…wisely!


Puneeth’s blog: Resistance.

Resistance is important.

It separates those few that move through it, dance around it and ship work from those that allow it to stop themselves, procrastinate and close themselves.

Listening to the rare audiobook ‘War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield is worthwhile.
Run towards resistance. Dance around the fear. Ship meaningful work for people that care.

Go, make some Galata!

Bending the cracker culture.

Bursting crackers is an acquired taste.

It’s rare that one naturally gets it.

There’s a steep learning curve with the risk of getting hurt, the theatrical silence, the anxiety inflicted by the loud sound and only once it’s over do you sense the adrenaline rush.

And you are hooked!

How does a culture undo this?
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